Monday, August 24, 2009

Asus Eee Top ET2002T with Nvidia Graphics

The new Asus Eee Top ET2002T is an All-In-One nettop with a 20″ screen at 1600×900 pixels. Under the hood it packs a dual core Intel Atom 330 processor and Nvidia Ion graphics which should help it drive high definition video on the relatively high resolution display. Rounding out the specs are 2gb of ram and a 250gb hard drive. Interestingly, the ET2002T also has an HDMI input port, so you can display another computer on its screen.

Spec wise, the new Eee Top follows on nicely from Asus’s earlier All-In-One Nettop, the ET1602. This new Asus nettop will go head to head with Lenovo’s 20″ brand new nettop, the IdeaCentre C300. They both have 20″ screens and Atom 330 processors. Hopefully, we’ll get a chance to look at them side by side and see how Ati’s graphics on the Lenovo compare to the Asus’s Nvidia Ion solution.


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Featured Band : Dream Theater Black Clouds & Silver Linings

One doesn't so much listen to Dream Theater as get overrun by them, and ten studio albums in, the band are still pursuing their uber-muscular progressive metal agenda with ruthless dedication.

Their undoubted collective instrumental firepower is deployed like a bunch of marauding marines with anger management issues, slipping the leash and swarming over everything in their path.

To get anywhere near that you have to go through four tracks of bombast-heavy bashing before you arrive at The Best Of Times. Even then it's only a matter of minutes (2' 55'' to be precise) before the listener is blasted back into the high-octane cut and thrust of it all.

True, John Petrucci's souped-up athletic guitar runs are amongst the quickest things you're ever likely to hear.

However one person's thrash is another's idea of brash and whilst it's easy to understand the exhilarating sense of momentum such advanced technique affords the group, it's unrelenting nature quickly palls to all but the faithful. Sometimes it's not what you’ve got that counts but how you use it.


MSI Wind NetOn AP1900

MSI announced the Wind NetOn AP1900 in AIO family. The AP1900 is the world’s very first personal computer that achieved the perfect balance through brilliant calculation of delicate design, energy-saving, instant internet access, and teleconferencing functions to both save work space and make better work efficiency.

AP1900 is the world’s slimmest AIO PC design, and its finest with only 35mm in width. So, it can minimize space usage while broadening the visual capacity like other LCD monitors. The Black Bars on the top and the bottom of the screen can also be avoided. In the other hand, AP1900 provides a 160 degrees wide visual experience.

In Comparison to the traditional PC, the AP1900 is equipped with the Intel® Atom™ processor. It has all the outstanding features as the regular PC, added with energy-saving and noise-reduction functions. Furthermore, a variety of internet capabilities and 802.11 b/g wireless bandwidth (optional) for the ultimate freedom in the virtual universe.


NEC CRV43 Ultra-Wide Curved Monitor

NEC Display Solutions delivers CRV43 dynamic range curved display. The unique NEC CRV43 curved monitor provides an immersive viewing experience with 43-inch seamless display. This stunning curved NEC monitor with crazy 2880x900 (Double WXGA) pixel resolution. Ultra-Wide Curved display so beautiful-looking as it bends around you.

CRV43 Monitor designed has a 12-bit color depth, as opposed to the 6 or 8 bit color depth from most monitors. The contrast ratio is a 10,000:1, and as for ports, it has HDMI and single link DVI connections, as well as one USB, at least. On Screen Display (OSD®) and software-based GUI, which enables advanced display control options. It weights less than I'd have expected at just 20kg.

NEC CRV43 curved display further Specifications :

  • Viewable Image Size : 42.8” diagonal
  • Response Time (typical) : <0.02ms>=200 cd/m2
  • Field of View : H90°@ 24” x V30°@ 24”
  • Screen Dimensions:40.8”W x 12.8”H (flat)
  • Pixel Pitch : 0.36mm, 71 DPI
  • Aspect Ratio : 32:1 0
These features make it an ideal solution for simulation, digital imaging and command & control applications. Then Estimated Street Price $7,999. NEC CRV43 ultra-widescreen specialty desktop display, designed for use in applications such as professional graphics, higher education, government, financial, command & control and home office.


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